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You were created perfect to live in joy for all eternity.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday August 13th

The pace of the awakening process continues to accelerate, as more and more of you make a point of meditating daily with the intent that the Tsunami of Love penetrates every heart and brings peace to mankind.  You are ready for peace, you have been for a number of decades, but the old order, which grew up in strife and conflict, was not willing to give up the power with which conflict provided it.  However, the number of members of that old order remaining on Earth is greatly reduced, as is their influence, and as ever more of their secrets are revealed their support among the populace continues to fall away.  They will either allow Love into their hearts or move on because their warlike intentions can no longer fit with humanity’s collective intention for world peace.  Humanity has finally realized that force…

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the mind can create cancer and mind is capable of dissolving cancer



All the great bibles of the world say one and the same thing-be still, be still. For a few minutes in the morning and the evening, every human being should learn to be still. Why, because you will meet God? No, that’s not necessary. You will be healthy. For your mental health it’s important for you to understand quietness, stillness. During that time, those muscles which do not get rest even in sleep get rested.

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How The May Pole Has Preserved Ancient Science & Knowledge of the Electric Universe!

Happy May Day!

Zen Master Hubba Bubba


You KNOW what they are DOING … right?!?

Now that your mind has completely been awash in the gutter … allow me to show you the hidden science behind the ritual.

What we are ACTUALLY seeing is a three-dimensional representation of the universe (in part). We are witnessing the preservation of the knowledge that the universe is ELECTRIC, and the result of a confluence of energies (Birkland Currents) which form what are called “Z-Pinches” where vast energy is released (as in the case of our sun, which is not the product of fusion but this ELECTRICAL process.

The upper point of the pole (which is actually a phallus as well) is the point at which the Z-Pinch is created, and life is born! It is the universe in constant creation!

Here is a nice visual that may help you along! Enjoy! 😉


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You are a creature that is a facet and child of the Divine. Period. – channeled by Ron Head

Oracles and Healers


Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves

We said in our last message that we would be addressing the topic of soft power, of your power, of what and how you could best use the energy of the amazing beings that you are becoming.  We shall do that.  Now the channel should be aware that this is not a simple and short topic.  There is nothing completely new that we shall be telling you here, but in this case, we wish to cover much more than we usually do in these short paragraphs. 

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The Creator Writings


The next time you are feeling out of sorts, please remember this:

Before you came to your Earth-plane, you made a choice as to what lessons you wanted to learn. The good, bad and indifferent, the ups and downs, joys and disappointments were all chosen by you! It was not a quick process, my love;

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