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What The People Of The Amazon Know That You Don’t Know



Author: sofiaherzberg

The good thing about living the life of a modern nomad is that I get to meet many interesting people from around the globe. Some of them have influenced me in such ways that an inevitable transformation has taken place in me and so began my spiritual path. I have been on this path for over 25 years now and can humbly say that I still have a long way to go! This blog is about my personal spiritual journey. It is about the things I am learning along the way as well as the ones learned earlier. I hope that some of my experiences will inspire others who are on the same path. I am not mentioning other aspects of my persona here (social, educational achievements, etc.) since they are not the main focus of this blog. I would like to mention however, that whatever spiritual lessons are learned, they positively affect those other aspects of me as well as my entire life! If you would like to share some thoughts or comment about this blog with me, please do not hesitate in doing so!

2 thoughts on “What The People Of The Amazon Know That You Don’t Know

  1. Thank you for posting this, really “amazing”!

    • So do I. I am convinced that Mother Nature has provided us with all the cures. What we have to do is to listen to our bodies, be aware of our thoughts, think positively, follow our hearts and allow her to help us. We must think in a holistic way, nothing is independent from the other, including the fact that we are part of nature after all. The people in the Amazon know this and live in perfect harmony with her.

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