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Help! I want more energy!


energy2I asked the angels to give some advice about how to have more energy.  This is what they said

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How The May Pole Has Preserved Ancient Science & Knowledge of the Electric Universe!

Happy May Day!

Zen Master Hubba Bubba


You KNOW what they are DOING … right?!?

Now that your mind has completely been awash in the gutter … allow me to show you the hidden science behind the ritual.

What we are ACTUALLY seeing is a three-dimensional representation of the universe (in part). We are witnessing the preservation of the knowledge that the universe is ELECTRIC, and the result of a confluence of energies (Birkland Currents) which form what are called “Z-Pinches” where vast energy is released (as in the case of our sun, which is not the product of fusion but this ELECTRICAL process.

The upper point of the pole (which is actually a phallus as well) is the point at which the Z-Pinch is created, and life is born! It is the universe in constant creation!

Here is a nice visual that may help you along! Enjoy! 😉


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