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Appreciate the Freedom

Appreciate The Freedom
     “This day is brand new.  This moment is fresh and clean.  The future is a blank canvas that is ready for you to create.
     Life is filled with twists and turns that often derail the best of souls.
     Resolve in this moment to continue your journey by honoring the gifts you have been given.
     If you have fallen off the path, decide to reestablish the connection that fills your heart with gladness.
     It is never too late to realize your soul’s intent and purpose.  Do not let “time” fool you into a state of despair.  You have the ability to reunite.
     The question is how?
     By embracing all your experiences (yes, even the bad ones), you strengthen your self for the journey.  This time with a better outcome.
     Appreciate the difficult times, for they often set you back in the correct direction with your life.
     Appreciate what you have set in motion, while taking your mind, heart, and soul to the next level of participation.
     Appreciate the day in the moment.  Dwelling in the past makes it difficult to create your future.
     If you have pushed the boulder uphill without struggle, appreciate your own tenacity.
     If you have pushed the boulder uphill and still have not succeeded, examine the worth of the bolder (not your own).
     Sometimes it’s better to let go, allowing the bolder to roll back down the hill to find a better connection.  This releases you to travel up the hill with ease.
     Fill your moments with expectations, for when you reach the top of the hill, there is unlimited opportunity.  You may find the bolder really wasn’t necessary at all, and that the important moment was your sense of freedom.
     Appreciate the freedom.”

Israel and Iran: A love story?

The story you are about to listen is truly a love story, not a romantic one, but one that many of us have been yearning for a very long time to experience: the love among humankind, love between our brothers and sisters if you will, the love our species is striving for, the love that connects and makes us one.  Everything is possible when done with love.  Love IS the answer!

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New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2013, the Year Of the Snake to you all!  My wishes to you are good health and spiritual growth.

To come up with a New Year’s resolution was not an easy task this time.  I had several ideas on what it or they could be, but none of them convinced me really.  A week has already passed by since the beginning of the year and I was concerned that there was nothing that could thrill me as a challenge.  What?  No challenge in my life?  How boring could that be!  There are many things I would like to achieve and/or improve, but how could I go about it, was the question.  One of the things I always wanted to do but never managed to fulfill was to make meditation a part of my daily life.  I do meditate, don’t get me wrong, but I felt it had to become part of my daily routine, not as a “must do and get it out of the way as soon as possible thing”, but as an activity as vital as eating or breathing.  I guess I must have sent this thought or wish out into the Universe because voilà, I stumbled upon the name “Bodhipaksa” through an interview I was listening to.  Manifestation in its simplest and grandest form!  Bodhipaksa is a Buddhist teacher, author and a member of the Western Buddhist Order.  I came across his website  (link:  He has started the “Wildwind’s 100 Days Meditation Challenge” and by now he is on day 7.  There are entries for every day, giving advice on meditation as well as some interesting articles on the topic.  This is the type of challenge I have been looking for, something that will give me inner peace and perseverance for my spiritual growth. I’ll take the challenge.  Won’t you join me?